Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Semi-Wordless Wednesday - I look to YOU! A Personal Life Journey begins...

As I have been going in my personal journey with photography, I realize during this reflective season of Lent that I am yet forgetting what I need to focus on. Simply -- GOD.  I thank God daily for all that I have, I do a Divine Mercy and Rosary almost daily on the same schedule, but I do fall in the cracks with my human tendencies and needs. I am human and imperfect and I recognize that.

I have so many little imperfections in my life, but one that I struggle with the most is my disability, the constant ringing in my ears (tinnitus) and my weight issues. Time is always the enemy, not my blessings around me. Also, choices and human free will and all the excuses I make.

I heard this beautiful song last year and as I was searching for some music for a photo gallery that I was creating for a client, I came upon Selah's song - "I look to YOU". So perfect for this Lenten Season, for me at least, as I find my way in this crazy, time driven world, uniquely, trying to love myself for who I am, which has always been very quite difficult for me to do. 

I am sharing this on here, even though my blog has never been a point of many sources for many people in my life and in the blogosphere, and that's okay for me. It's not a popularity contest or a money making machine.  I have tried all the blog circles, link ups, etc. but for me my blog has always been a place and a journey to evangelize and also be transparent to others that life is not perfect even as a Catholic. Life is supposed to be complicated, messy and trivial. It's how we approach Life and how we lean on God in these times instead of abandon Him when we are lost in our way. The Lenten Compass begins in that journey on Earth to Heaven. For something so simple, we as humans make it so very hard. ;) At my 38 years of life on Earth I am sure learning that to be the lesson of life. lol!

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  1. Jackie-
    I really like your words on blogging at the end of this post. I'm also a blogger and I think it is easy to get confused about what blogging is and what it's meant to be. I know I struggle with this--but your words are what's true. If you're interested, I'd love to have you contribute to a little Saturday Series on run on my blog for Catholic mom. Check it out, and consider writing a response. ( I'd love to hear your thoughts. Email me for more info if you're interested:


Thank you for your comment and blessings. May God bless you always.


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